I don't have very many frequently asked questions but I do have a few (looking at you aunties) I'll update these as necessary.

Where have you been?

25 countries on 3 continents and 24 US states!

I've lived in England, Scotland, the Netherlands, China and the USA (in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Oregon).

I could list all the rest for you but I feel like that's pretty silly and meaningless. I'll write about most of them if not all of them on this website at some point anyway.

What's your favorite place?

Don't make me choo- Scotland. Overall, Scotland has got to take the cake. My favorite big city in the world is a tie between London and Chicago, my favorite hikes are in Norway, Austria, and Guangxi, my favorite river is the Mississippi, and my favorite bicycle is currently rusting in the Nijmegen Centraal bus park. Did I miss anything?

How do you afford to travel?

Short answer: by doing very little else! Slight elaboration: I was lucky enough to have two wonderfully thrifty and devoted parents who saved up enough money for my college tuition so I could leave school debt-free. While in undergrad I worked three jobs at once and took extra gigs on breaks to build up a savings (while also funding a life of silly partying). I used this and a small loan (5k) to fund my master's degree and first full year of travel based in Europe. Destitute and inspired I returned to the states to catch my breath and a Visa to teach in mainland China. I arrived with about $1000 US to my name but was able to quickly save up, thanks to a good salary and China's low cost of living. I use that salary to fund my frivolous life in China, a vacation to a new Asian destination every month, and savings to pay off the aforementioned loan when I am eventually dragged back to the states. Phew, not so slight I guess!